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Plants of the Year

Every year the National Garden Bureau designates a specific crop to help promote and educate throughout the entire industry. This year the Bureau has added houseplants as a new category. They have selected a great start for this category, the Peperomia! The peperomia is unique foliage available in a variety of textures and colors.

These little gems are native to Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. With over 1,000 species there is no doubt one or six that would suit everyone. The peperomia is an excellent choice for that first time houseplant enthusiast. They are very tolerating to neglect and the colors and textures each plant offers can create a beautiful grouping in one’s home.

Currently we have two varieties of peperomia to offer. One is called Ripple and the other is watermelons. The watermelon or peperomia argyreia is a very fun little plant. Its leaves remind one of watermelon rinds, thus giving it the common name. These plants like to be placed in a filtered area of a bright room, allowing some sun to hit them. It is very important not to water them too much, but also under watering can hinder their lifespan as well. Allowing the top of the soil to dry out and then water thoroughly is best. The ripple peperomia care is similar to the watermelon. This great plant has Heart-shaped richly veined ruffled dark green leaves.