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Patios and Walkways

Let Otto’s Oasis create an outdoor oasis for you! Constructing a patio or a walkway follows several methods which are simple in concept. There are three basic steps. First we excavate existing soils in order to install a uniform, granular base. This will consist of various levels of compacted gravel and sand depending on the site conditions and intended use of the paved area. Once the base is in and firmly tamped down, we level, smooth and pitch it to give the location proper drainage. Finally we place the pavers, fill in with joint sand, secure the edges and give it a final mechanical compacting. There are so many questions and even more possibilities. How do you determine what will offer the best look and design for your landscape? Our staff at Otto's Oasis will assist in guiding the creation of your very own unique area. Our state of the art computer tools can provide digital images of your landscape using existing photos of your desired location. Plants, trees, shrubs and other vegetation can be placed into the photo, which will create a finished appearance to meet your final approval.