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Curb Appeal

The next time you come home, stop across the street or far enough down the driveway to get a good view of the house and its surroundings. What is your first impression of the house and yard area? What are the best exterior features of the house or lot? How can you enhance them? What are the worst exterior features of the house or lot? How can you minimize or improve them? Great curb appeal ideas are created in a variety of ways using everything from landscaping to color, architecture and features. It all has to blend together to create a warm and inviting look. If your home\'s curb appeal makes a great first impression, everyone -- including potential home buyers (if your home is on the market) -- will want to see what\'s inside. Curb Appeal can also offer peace of mind to the homeowner. It isn't always about adding elements to your landscaping to improve curb appeal. There are times when removing something is even more effective.