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Landscaping Services by Otto's Oasis


Landscape Services

Otto's Oasis's Landscape Division is a full-service landscape design, installation and maintenance firm serving clients throughout North East Iowa. As each of our clients have different needs, all of our designs and concepts are customized to satisfy each customer in a unique way.

No matter what type of landscaping you are looking for, Otto’s Oasis can help by providing you the highest quality of service in the industry, while ensuring you are satisfied with the finished project. Contact Jeff to set up a Landscape consultation at your home or business!

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Retaining walls can help turn "ordinary" landscapes into amazing works of art, or they can blend into a simple setting. Whether you are wanting to create a level area, your land is needing to be retained with a wall, or you are wanting to wall off a garden area, whatever your needs are, the landscape division at Otto’s Oasis will design and build the perfect retaining wall to enhance your outdoor space. You can choose from a variety of materials, including: stone, block, rock and more. Otto's Oasis will work with your design idea, or we will suggest a design that best fits your landscape.

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Let Otto’s Oasis create an outdoor Oasis for you!

Constructing a patio or a walkway follows several methods which are simple in concept. There are three basic steps. First we excavate existing soils in order to install a uniform, granular base. This will consist of different levels of compacted gravel and sand depending on the site conditions and intended use of the paved area. Once the base is in and firmly tamped down, we level, smooth and pitch it to give the location proper drainage. Finally we place the pavers, fill in with joint sand, secure the edges and give it a final mechanical compacting.

There are so many questions and more possibilities. How will you determine what the best look and design is for your landscape? Our staff at Otto's Oasis will assist in guiding the perfect patio or walkway for your landscape. Our state of the art computer tools can provide digital images of your landscape using existing photos of your desired location. Plants, trees, shrubs and other vegetation can be placed into the photo, which will create a finished appearance to meet your final approval.

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Whether you are interested in a small babbling brook, a vociferous cascade or a inspiring fountain, water features add sound, movement, and enjoyment into the landscape. In-ground water features provide opportunities to plant pond or wetland plants into your landscape. Water fountains are great options for smaller environments but with that larger water feature feel.

Ponds don't have to be large to make a statement in your front or back yard; it is ideal to keep maintenace easy and low. The selection and placement of boulders, stonework, and plantings in and around ponds or streams can link the water feature with your building as a unified landscape.

Landscape lighting has become an intriguing addition to a water feature.

Otto's Oasis will bring your vision to reality. We will work with your topography, landscape setting, and budget to create the custom water feature for your property.

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Curb appeal can be enhanced in a variety of ways when keeping certain aspects in mind: color, texture, shape and material. These things have to blend together to create an inviting look. There are times when removing material does you more good than adding something. Your curb appeal makes a great first impression, everyone - including potential home buyers (if your home is on the market), will want to see what is inside.


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