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Home Decor and Gifts

Just as the seasons bring change to nature and our surroundings, they also bring exciting changes to product selection and displays in our showroom.

Here at Otto's Oasis, we are continually seeking new products to create stimulating vignettes, which are rotated on a regular basis to always offer new ideas for our customers. With each new season, our showroom displays reflect a large selection of merchandise to have a little of our 'home' in yours.

Springtime brings beauty with wonderful new growth of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils. It beckons our wonderful feathered  friends to make the journey from their sunny southern grounds, back to their homes and build nests to raise their young. The stillness, lifeless hibernation of the trees is brought to life again with new growth of wonderful green leaves and aromatic blossoms. The freshness of the spring awakening brings forth the growth of summer splendor. While beautiful flower beds bring forth bounteous blossoms of color, fragrance and charm, the indoors need to be equally as beautiful. New summery silk stems, charming ceramic and stone statuary, summer potpourri and other merchandise in our showroom, all blend together with the greatness of the outdoors to host countless visits with family and friends. Soon, school bells will again be ringing and classes will  resume, and for the staff here at the Oasis, it once again is time to display new colors, textures and merchandise.

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Autumn is certainly a beautiful time to travel and take in all of God's marvelous beauty. Our displays turn to the rich tones of red, burgundy, orange and yellow. With expressive silk and dried designs next to wonderful candles, potpourri's and accent items, one is certain to locate a treasure for your own home for the season. For many, what seems like a short lived season, autumn gives way to the brisk cold days of winter. Outside, the earth is resting after a long and wonderful season of growing; meanwhile we gather in the warmth of our homes and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, reading by the fire, and waiting for the springtime to roll around once again to offer the start of another beautiful year.

Winter hosts the magical time of the Christmas Season.

Whether your style is more traditional, contemporary, religious or whimsical, our showroom comes alive with all the riches Christmas has to offer. With style, quality, selection and service, Otto's Oasis can certainly bring Joy to Your World. Our Christmas Open House in November offers the best time for customers to witness all we have to offer. Seasons and holidays are not the only time we make changes to our surroundings. We are constantly researching the trends in color, style, and approach that society says is 'in'. Like fashions in clothing, home decor is a constant study to maintain and offer the latest styles and accents for you, our customer. Otto's Oasis offers many products for creating your very own setting that can provide warmth and charm to your home.

Whether you are in the market for a 'permanent' design, a candle display for a table, or unique accessory to give new vitality to an area that is missing the right touch, our friendly staff is ready to assist you in creating just that special area.

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Our service, selection and creativity make visiting Otto's Oasis a fun and award winning journey for all that enter our facility. We hope as you visit our ‘cyber’ showroom, you will find that we strive to make available the very best of the best! And as always, take time and enjoy.